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Subject: Re: ssh Connection refused

Thanks for the ps / grep information.
In my rc.conf file, I already set the firewall type on "OPEN", so the "ipfw
show" outputs are (with rl0 = OIF and dc0 = IIF) :


here are samples of "netstat -anf inet" outputs :


Do you think the sshd daemon could be altered itself .... I mean could have
a behaviour it isn't suppose to have because of the forced shutdown ???



I guess anything is somewhat possible. I'm just looking for the most likely stuff first ...

Can you "ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED]" ?

What about tcpwrappers? What is in /etc/hosts.allow?

Tried rebooting or HUPing the daemon?

#/bin/kill -HUP 93

(or whatever the current PID is for /usr/sbin/sshd)

Kevin Kinsey
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