On Apr 13, 2004, at 11:52 AM, Joshua Lokken wrote:

* Conrad Sabatier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-04-13 06:41]:
I know, I know, I could probably find the answer to this question myself, but I
thought I'd save myself the time and trouble. :-)

Looks like someone already pointed out the flaw in that logic ;)

One could argue that it saves time if someone else can name off the top of their head the solution they have found best, rather then spending time sifting through possible solutions and possibly choosing one that does NOT work best...

Just playing devil's advocate :-)

Does anyone know of any ports in the ports collection that can read/write/edit
MS Excel/Word files? I need this for a project I've been assigned at work.

I didn't see it mentioned yet, but AbiWord2 handles .docs. It is considerably smaller (everything's considerably smaller) than OO, but doesn't include the full suite, just Word.


Abiword, openoffice, Koffice? Is koffice usable in ports?

Are you just trying to manipulate the documents or edit them with open source packages? The best answer would be open office, in my experience...plus open office (OO.o) is cross-platform. Linux, Windows, OS X (although I think they need a new version released for OS X soon...I hope they will, anyway), freeBSD...

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