Tue Apr 13 19:24:27 PDT 2004, Parv at pair.com wrote:

>> There are several uncommented alias lines in the .shrc file, but
>> none of them work.  From what I've read, bash should read .profile
>> and .shrc, but just

> There is no mention of '.shrc' in bash(1) (2.05b.007 version here).

I noticed that. "From what I've read" refers to what's in FreeBSD Unleashed, 2nd ed. I wonder if the authors just got it wrong; their example for changing PS1 to show the working directory at the prompt is wrong. Anyone familiar with the book care to comment?

> So you tried putting debugging statements in the four files so far
> mentioned, and got the output from them but aliasing consistently
> failed?

Ah, no. I've just been editing the files, and then logging out and back in to see if things work.

> 0. Create .bash{_profile,rc} properly. Read bash(1); search the > Internet, comp.unix.{shell,misc,questions} newsgroups in > particular, for examples, solutions/hints.

Kinda looks like I've been barking up the wrong tree, given your examples. More research in order, thanks for the help (Viktor too).


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