On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:08:08 +0000
Daniela <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > aragorn# ls -l /bin/rcp
> > -r-sr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  18392 Feb 23 20:41 /bin/rcp
> >
> > (notice the size!, someone mentioned that already on the list..)
> >
> > So obviously something weird happened.
> That needn't be the case. Mine is 932532 bytes long (and it was already that 
> size after a fresh reinstall).
> And why? Debug symbols. I love to have them everywhere.
> Try to strip the file, and it will be much shorter.

apart from that, does one really need "rcp" at all ? i recommend to delete as 
much as possible your setuid-apps, use jails for your services and read security-howtos
and if you really think your box is cracked, reinstall from scratch (and you'll sleep
better at night :)

when it comes to rootkits, try also : rkhunter from http://www.rootkit.nl


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