Mateusz Rajca wrote:
I have Nvidia Ge Force 4 MX 440. How should I install drivers for Nvidia Ge Force on FreeBSD 5.1 because FreeBSD won't work untill I install them?


I have the same card, you can find drivers for it in the /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver directory.

Note that i had to copy the nvidia.ko file from that directory to /boot/kernel myself. Perhaps i did something wrong, but when copied manually and added to /boot/loader.conf

(nvidia_load="YES") it works like a sunshine.

Oh and could you do a little favor for me in return, wrap your lines at 80 chars or something. Thanks


p.s little sidenote, FreeBSD works fine without the drivers, even VESA mode under X works. But when working dualscreen and for getting it all out of your card, it's better to use the driver.



Kind regards,

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