On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 11:36:05AM -0700,
 Peter Leftwich probably wrote:

> Any major sacrifices I've forgotten?  ":-\

Sure (this list doesn't apply to XP only):

* being able to hang the machine by just running an executable from the
base system (krnl386.exe or something like that, which I don't remember
now) --- no viruses needed;

* being able to put an <iframe> tag in your Active Desktop to
automatically launch applications at startup without your confirmation

* being able to write *beautiful* and *portable* programs in Visual

* being able to write a program which, using assembly, changes the video
mode to some text mode, confusing the OS and the user;

* being able to erase all configuration of your system by just altering
one file (oh --- maybe two --- now that's a progress);

* and certainly many more:).

Sorry, just couldn't resist.

1. if you don't get the joke, look at the message bodies of the viruses
your filter received today.

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