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Subject: Re: 3Com 3C940

> On Sat, Mar 27, 2004 at 08:10:48AM +0000, Mark wrote:
> > Toni Heinonen wrote:
> > The 3Com 3C940 does not appear on either the 5.x or 4.9 hardware list.
> > > Why don't you just try and install?
> >
> > Because the LAN is onboard a K8V ASUS motherboard I plan to install
> > FreeBSD 4.9R on. And I'd like to know whether FreeBSD can handle it.
> That should be supported -- see sk(4)

Thanks for your reply, as always. :)

At the SYNOPSIS, I read:

     device miibus
     device sk

Does that mean I need to recompile the kernel? Because "device sk" is not
part of my kernel config, it seems.


- Mark

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