Yes there is, some more poking around in /usr/src/sys/kern/subr_param.c brought to light :

   maxdsiz = MAXDSIZ;
   TUNABLE_QUAD_FETCH("kern.maxdsiz", &maxdsiz);

which looked suspicously like a kernel tunable for data segment size.
So setting kern.maxdsiz in /etc/loader.conf seems to be the thing to do...

Of course by this time I have managed to find some postings concerning MAXDSIZ and kern.maxdsiz.

Hopefully the next person confused about this will find my postings *before* dredging the code!



Mark Kirkwood wrote:

so is there any reason *not* to amend this and recompile?


#define MAXDSIZ (1024UL*1024*1024) /* max data size now 1G */

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