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i have been having problems with a SAMBA shared directory and user permissions. My smb.conf file is simple and allows for members of 'wwwdev' access the directory, and they can when i test it, but we get all kinds of problems with the permissions on various files and directories:

It would help if you said exactly what those problems are.

sure. i realised i didn't explain just after i sent the mail. doh!

ok: i want really open access 'a-la-windows' style to all files under a certain directory tree to users in a particular group. at the moment, i am having to chown all files over to whom ever is editing them at any given time.

I was thinking more of what happens to file permissions when a file is accessed by a samba user. Say they start at something like:

#ls -l

-rwxrw-r-x 1 pwr wwwdev 637 Apr 17 09:01 testfile

So all members of the wwwdev group have write permission. After access by user pwr do they change? Maybe to:

-rwxrw-r-x 1 pwr pwr 637 Apr 17 09:01 testfile

////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [wwwdev] comment = Virtual Web Servers HTTP dirs path = /usr/wwwdev create mode = 0765 valid users = @wwwdev //////////////////////////////////////////////////////

You might also need to set the directory mode on the share.

cool, what would you suggest?

See below.

i assume this is a ownership issue on the unix file system side, although i have opened up the permissions to 'pants down in public' level ....


So, what is the problem? Do these permissions and/or the file ownerships get altered when accessed by a Windows client?

i would have assumed that because the two users were in the same group they could access the same files in turn without chown-ing.

There's a useful guide to configuring samba at:

And it deals with a similar configuration to the one you're seeking.

But working on a guess that your problem stems from the group flag of a file being changed to that of the user who accesses it, you might try adding:

create mode 0774 # Windows clients that seems to require the extra bit

directory mode = 0775 #so that new directories are created with the right permissions

force group = +wwwdev # so that all file activity is carried out as this user


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