On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 02:00:59PM -0400, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Warren Block wrote:
> >What do people do for milter logging?  A MAILER-DAEMON message for every
> >virus caught by clamav-milter is a little annoying (both to the intended
> >recipient and to postmaster), but I'm hesitant to just discard them.

clamav-milter logs what it does to syslog very effectively.  The
warning messages to postmaster aren't really necessary but for a low
traffic site, they do give you some vicarious pleasure for a while.
> Well, the standards (RFC-822/2822) are clear, but with the dawn of viruses 
> that forge sender addresses, creating bounces for viruses doesn't really do 
> anybody much good, either.
> Refusing to accept viral mail is the best option if you can; failing that, 
> I discard such messages.  Frankly, I gave up bouncing viral mail after I 
> got tired of answering complaints when someone got a bounce from a 
> forgery...

Yes -- rejecting the messages at the SMTP DATA stage is the way to go.
Not that the virus mailers take the slightest bit of notice: half the
time they've dropped the connection by the time the AV filter has done
its thing.  It's much more effective against spam e-mailers.



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