"Lee Dilkie" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>>If you do 
>>    perl -MCPAN -e shell
>>    install DB_File
>>then you get that port.
> Okay, that is good to know. But I, personally, never did this so it
> must have been done by one of the ports I have installed. I just
> wonder which one, or rather, how one goes about discovering which
> one. Any ideas?

You did it yourself, see below.

>>Note that the Berkeley-DB library (from the db41 port) and the Perl
>>interface thereto (DB_File) are two different things.
> I installed the db41 but after that was done, i went into the perl
> subdir, fixed up config.in and ran the perl installation. I had done
> that some time ago for graphdefang ( it's not from ports but it
> needed DB_File). I would think they have the same api, but what do I
> know of perl ;)

Ah!  This will also create that port.  I didn't know that DB_File is
part of the Berkeley-DB distribution.

So there are many ways to get at DB_File:

* It is included in Perl itself.
  (Perhaps you have to install the db41 port first, and then the Perl

* perl -MCPAN -e shell

* Do like you did.

This is all quite confusing.


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