Thats fantastic it works!

I thought it would be something simple...

I tried a

$more /etc/resolv.conf

But the file did not exist. So I su'ed and

#echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf

(this is the correct IP for the Mac)



And it worked immediately! Thanks very much, I feel pretty stupid with such an easy answer, but shouldn't this info be provided by dhclient? If I move to another network, say with a gateway of 10.x.x.x or other, will I have to change resolv.conf again? Is there anyway to get this automatically or is it a feature of FreeBSD/dhclient?

Many thanks again!

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On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Killermink ! wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a Apple PowerBook running Panther and have set it to share my modem
> internet connection over the Ethernet port. FreeBSD is connected to this
> and should get all config via DHCP. When dhclient runs, it successfully
> gets an IP Address from the Powerbook, and I can ping between machines... A
> quick look at the leases file also shows that it has the Powerbook as the
> Gateway and as the DNS server. However, I can only get to the Internet
> from the BSD box using IP addresses, trying a url such as
> always fails as it cant resolve the host, plus the response is immediate as
> if it hasn't tried or waited for a response.

Well, sound like DNS prblems.

What is the content of your /etc/resolv.conf?

then, when there is an entry like:


( being the IP of the MAC), then check if the DNS on your MAC
is working by:
nslookup -

set q=any

Well, then your MAC should resolve some IP and mx data, when not, the
DNS on your MAC is misfunctional.
You also can specify DNS in the /etc/resolv.conf that are on the
outside, or you could run named as caching resolver.

Therefore, populate /etc/hosts with the IP/name of FreeBSD box, run
and then start named.

In /etc/resolv.conf put a :

as first nameserver statement, and FreeBSD will directly resolve...


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