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> I have isc-dhcp3 port installed on my 4.9-Stable PC.
> I need that as I want to configure this machine as
> both, a DHCP client and server.

Making a machine use itself as a DHCP server is somewhat odd -- there
will be a boot time problem where the machine is trying to find a DHCP
server, so that it can configure it's interface, so that it can start
up all the servers it usually runs, including the DHCP server it
needs...  Which isn't to say that it's completely impossible to make
the machine be both client and server, but that you're going to have
exert significant effort and some slightly baroque programming in
order to make it work.  It's an awful lot easier just to give the DHCP
server a fixed address.
> I notice, that I have two versions of dhclient related
> files (see below). Is this a problem and reason for
> possible conflicts? What can I do to avoid multiple
> versions of dhclient related files?

These should be pretty similar, as they both come from the ISC dhcpd
> Is there a make.conf option that will prevent the build
> of dhclient in the base system?

Apparently not.

> I don't know which dhclient to use, the one in /sbin
> or the one in /usr/local/sbin. And which dhclient.conf
> file to modify.

The boot system will use the one in /sbin by default, and that
corresponds to the /etc/dhclient.conf file.  



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