Olaf Hoyer wrote:
On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Rob wrote:

When I read about problems with early adoption of 5.X, I mainly
encounter risks related to extremely large RAM, multi processors,
or very new hardware.

My simple and old Pentium-1 PC may therefore a very low risk system for
installing 5-Current. Is that right? Or am making a big mistake here?

So I would say, that your hardware (given that there are more than 16MB
RAM in there) will run fine.

This Pentium-1 system already runs 4-stable. For bumping it up to 5-current, would a cvsup of the sources with "tag=." be sufficient? Or is an install from scratch recommended when moving from 4-stable to 5-current? Bear in mind that these are going to be my first steps into 5-current!

I realize I may have trouble with already installed ports, but there
are only few so far.


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