On Sunday, 18 April 2004 at 16:59:59 -0800, Peter A. Giessel wrote:
> I have a rather large (ok, I'm insane, its that large) Vinum array,
> which works fine in 4.9, but crashes in 5.2.1.  I don't think its
> vinum's fault, but I could be wrong.
> My question is: any ideas as to why the drives crash when accessed and
> can't be labeled (other than my boot drive) in 5.2.1, but work fine in
> 4.9?
> More info about my setup follows:

It can't have been more than a day or two since I last reminded people
that if you have a problem Involving Vinum, you should read the
information at http://www.vinumvm.org/vinum/how-to-debug.html.  In
this particular case, you'll certainly need a backtrace from the
processor dump.  The relevant output of /var/log/messages would also
be very useful.

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