On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 12:38:07AM -0500, Jason Dusek wrote:

> I would like to edit the code for one of my ports (Inkscape, a graphics 
> tool for GNOME) and then wrap it up in a tarball, dump it into distfiles 
> and reinstall it.  However, the ports system hits me with a checksum 
> mismatch.  What do I do about it?

Make a diff (diff -u format) against the original sources, and save
that into the 'files' subdirectory of the port as
'patch-some::filename'.  There's plenty of examples in that and other
ports which you can refer to for guidance.  The patch will be applied
to the sources automatically, and after the checksumming stage.

Note that cvsup(1) should ignore your extra patch file, so it might
cause odd problems building the port in future when the Inkscape port
gets updated again.  Please do submit your modifications via
send-pr(1) if they have anymore than purely local interest.



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