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Jesper Wallin wrote:


I'm running FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p5 and when I create new user accounts with
the home directories are world readable/executable.. Sure, it might be useful if I want
to publish a website in my public_html, but yet, it should be up to the user if he want
to have his homedir world-readable, but by default it should be set to "chmod 700" or
"chmod 750" if each user has their own group imho. However, I saw that "adduser" had a
config file (/etc/adduser.conf) but the there is no manual entry for adduser.conf and I
can't find any example for it.. How can I change the default permission for new

This might help:

Basically, you need to change the permissions f the directory
/usr/share/skel and its contents.



First of all, thanks for your answer.. I tried to chmod both /etc/skel and
/usr/share/skel to 700, yet it's not working.. I've checked in /usr/local/etc for any
"skel" directory, but it's not there and the man page for "adduser" says it's
/usr/share/skel (which doesn't work) ..

When I do it (and I chmod'ed the contents of /usr/share/skel as well as the directory), I get a home directory with the permissions you mention, but all the contents are 0700. Therefore no other user can see them.

But I can see this isn't quite what you asked for so I have just searched a bit. Googling gives me a patch to adduser (you'd have to adjust this to get the exact behaviour you're looking for):

And an elaboration of the type of workaround I originally suggested, at:


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