When I checked the various methods a while back all resulted
in performance drop not increase on a dual port intel
etherxpress Pro 100. If anyone has different experiences I
also would be interested. Also noted was that Gb performance
on nge was also lower than that of fxp on 100Mb especially
when using link0 on the fxp.
Notes: Results using ftp ( proftpd ). Performance increase using
nge was obtained when using single processor kernel and
polling enabled without this interrupt rates appeared to be
overloading the system.

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Subject: etherchannel on 5.2.1 - possible?

> I am looking for performance. Not fail-over..
> Does anyone have this working with either
> intel or broadcom nics?
> Anyone have any good site that talks about what is needed to make this work
> as well? - I do have a Cisco switch and it fully supports this.
> I need a little advice on setting this up...
> Thanks in advance!
>    -JBD
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