This question does not concern FreeBSD only, I know... But here it goes.

I am working on a mailserver that has antispam and antivirus functionality. I gathered some courage and read articles at O'reilly and Daemonnews to build-my-own. Also did some extensive Googling.

The stuff I use: Postfix + Courier-IMAP + Amavis-new + ClamAV + Spamassassin (and probably Mimedefang). Of course on FreeBSD ;)

Postfix runs just fine. Courier Imap-ssl and pop3-ssl too.
Clamscan and Clamd are running fine.
I have amavisd running in debug mode (/usr/local/sbin/amavisd debug).

Normal mail gets scanned and all works well.
But when I send a mail with a test virus (eicar), it is recognized by clam/amavis and the mail doesn't get trough. But I do want a notification mail to be sent to the user. This doesn't happen.

The messages I get from Amavis debug output:

lookup: (scalar) matches, result="[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
Apr 19 17:11:48 blabla.xs4all.nl amavisd[403]: (00403-03) TROUBLE in check_mail: virus_or_banned quar+notif FAILED: can't build entity: no body, and not multipart at /usr/local/sbin/amavisd line 4700, <GEN34> line 79.

Looks like a perl error? I upgraded perl to 5.6.1 and recompiled Amavis + dependencies from ports. But I still get these errors. Running FreeBSD 4.8 - Security (using freebsd-update).

Anyone who saw this error before? I looked in the amavisd code, but that didn't help me much.

With kind regards,

Richard Zoontjens.

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