On Apr 18, 2004, at 6:10 PM, Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. wrote:
A further question, if I may ... from a FBSD box at,
I can ping up to  { -s 65507 }.  Windows XP at *.*.*.10
responds as long as { -s < 25153 } ... if Ethernet Maximum is 1500,
and that's the reason for the error <?>  why doesn't FreeBSD, or
even Windows, elicit a similar response?  Nah, maybe that's a bad
question ... they aren't the same OS ... :-(

So, MTU is an OS feature/stat rather than general Ethernet?

You can send ICMP or UDP packets larger than the local MTU because the IP layer includes support for fragmenting datagrams if they are too big. This capability works remarkably well but can be expensive in terms of system resources to break apart and reassemble fragments.

MTU is a parameter of a network transport layer, it has nothing to do with the OS...


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