Stephen Liu wrote:
Hi folks,

I make this second subscription to this list solely
seeking advice where to report problem.

I am currently subscribing to


with email address :- [EMAIL PROTECTED]

But I am only allowed to receive mails, posting being
not allowed.  All emails posted were rejected.

I made report on posting problem to

I hope you included a copy of the bounce message, unlike this request.

-  [EMAIL PROTECTED] (postmaster)
-  [EMAIL PROTECTED] (postmaster)

all emails were either rejected or received no reply.

Kindly advise where can I seek assistance. TIA

Here, but include the bounce message or we don't know what's wrong.

B.R. Stephen Liu

This problem has happened twice.  Previously I also
encounterd the same problem.  Finally it has to be
fixed manually by the owner of this list.

-- Bill Moran Potential Technologies

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