* Glenn Sieb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [0434 14:34]:
> Noah said the following on 4/19/2004 12:39 AM:
> >>AuthType Basic
> >>AuthUserFile htpasswd.file.location.and.name.here
> >>AuthName "Something to make sense"
> >>require valid-user

> >thanks glen - looks like this is still not working.  No password Prompt

Maybe the browser is caching the credentials? What do the lines in
access.log/error log look like?
> >here is what I did:
> >
> >cat of /usr/home/<user_name>/public_html/<subdir>/.htaccess
> >
> >--- snip ---
> >
> >AuthType Basic
> >AuthUserFile /usr/home/<username>/public_html/<subdir>/.htpasswd
> >AuthName "Protected Area"
> >require user glob

That syntax is fine.
How did you create '/usr/home/<username>/public_html/<subdir>/.htpasswd'?

> Ok.. first off: Is there a user named "glob" in that .htpasswd file?
> Secondly, can you check that you have the module mod_userdir.c loading? 

The directory is being served so UserDir is obviously working.

The permissions of the files were not the same in both of Noahs 

What user and group does apache run as?
Give us an ls -l of both .htaccess and .htpasswd again, please.

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