If you have a machine with vmware installed.. the machine has one NIC connected to a
network which is using a DHCP server which only allow 1 ip per MAC. You start the box
and you get an IP.. then you install vmware, install another operating system on it
(doesn't really mather which) and set the network device in vmware to "bridged" and
start it.. then the virtual machine in vmware will get it's own IP even if the MAC
restricts 1 ip per MAC..

Therefore, it IS possible to change/spoof/hide/fake MAC and have a virtual NIC.. So my
question is, how can I do this without vmware and just virtual NIC on my system? My 
is to have one box infront of all other boxes in my network but yet use all 5 ips my 
allow me to have. If I get this work, I can do stats, filter the whole network, log
traffic and so on instead if setting up 5 firewalls, 5 loggers, etc but yet have 5
differet IPs..

Jesper Wallin
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