dave wrote:
    I've got a problem allowing cvs traffic through my firewall. Whenever
the firewall is up i get timeout errors, drop the firewall and everything
works fine. I've got a rule that i would have supposed would have worked, it
passes all traffic from my internal interface to the cvs server, all traffic
external is allowed in, it's the internal interface that governs what can
get to me. If anyone is running a cvs server behind a firewall, note, i'm
using nat, please let me know your setup.
Heya Dave,

Let's play this in a reversed order, what is your rule that enables the usage of cvs in your network? (you are allowed to obscure the data ;))

I think there would be something like:

pass in quick on <if> from any to <my_int> port 2401 keep state

or something similiar.



Kind regards,

Remko Lodder
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