On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 11:45:33PM -0700, MIchael Alexander wrote:

>       I have a file on my /root desktop I would like to share on my
> /home/mike desktop (it's a file full-o-music). Which is better? Creating
> a hard link   ln,  a soft link   ln -s, or would changing group do the
> job? Or should I just create a separate partition to hold the tunes?

At this point I have to ask why you are listening to music when logged
in as root.  Or indeed why you have a root desktop at all?  You should
think of the root account as like a loaded weapon with no safety
catch.  Get too comfortable with it and it will end up blowing your
foot off.

Best practice is never to log in as root except in utterly dire
circumstances or when doing single user mode stuff.  Log in as a
normal user always.  If that user needs root access, make them a
member of the wheel group.  Use su(1) to temporarily get rootly powers
-- preferably to run only those commands that really do require root
level access.  Even better, install sudo(1) from ports which will let
you give root-level access to certain users for specific commands.
Personally, I use sudo(1) pretty much exclusively to do all rootly

Still, it's your system to treat as you will.

I'd recommend that you copy or move the music files to your /home/mike
directory.  You say it's a 'file' -- but do you perhaps mean a folder
or directory?  You can use 'cp -R' to recursively copy that directory
and everything in it to a new location.  Once you're happy that
everything was successfully copied, then just delete the originals
using 'rm -rf'.



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