I work for a small special-purpose ISP, and right now I'm configuring our main Web/Mail/DNS server. It's a Dell Poweredge 750, 2.4Gb with 1Gig of memory and twp 80 GB drives mirrored using vinum.

When I've prepped it up, it's due to go in our rack at Telecity in Docklands.

The box came with an Intel twin Gigabit network card, and I'd like to use ng_one2many to load share so that the box uses both ports at once.

There doesn't appear to be much about this on the web. My question: is it worth doing? Will a get a better and/or more fault-tolerent performance by doing this? Do I have to do anything clever with DNS or the router (a Cisco 3660) to get requests evenly distributed, or can I rely on sharing outgoing traffic?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Andy Holyer, Technical stuff
Hedgehog Broadband, 11 Marlborough Place Brighton BN1 1UB
08451 260895 x 241

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