* JJB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-04-21 08:23]:
> I found that it is not necessary to try to config sendmail's config
> files to do what you want.
> Just change or add hostname="zenk.de" to rc.conf
> Sendmail uses that as his internal domain name for all emails.
> You said this
> "--- Please never add my reply address to CC nor to the recipient
> list!
> If you make "answers to all" please remove my address!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I'll complain if I see my reply address on any mailinglist!!!!!!!!"
> Be so informed, that by posting to this questions list your email
> address is in the public domain and is spread through many sites on
> the internet. You can complain all you want, but by posting you have
> by default given your consent and there is nothing you can do about
> it, except not post here again. You should learn the rules of how
> this list works before posting. It's your mistake. Manny of the
> regulars who reply consider the email address they use here as an
> 'throw away' that they change when they start getting junk email to
> it.   You should learn to set up 'Judas goat' email address just for
> this purpose.

Or better yet, take Matthew's advice and learn how to protect your email
addresses.  Procmail and SpamAssassin are both great tools for spam


"Is there no place for the man with 105 IQ?!"
           --Homer Simpson

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