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Drivers for Intel, examples:

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АА> Dear sirs!

АА>     Our company working in personal and server building market in
АА> Tomsk, Russia over 12 years. In present time our customers more using
АА> Free BSD based servers than Windows or other systems. We try to find
АА> information about compability between Intel boards, RAID controllers and
АА> Free BSD but nothing find. Is there is a way to construct 100%
АА> compatible server  with Free BSD system? Can you provide any
АА> recomendations? 

АА>     We decide to use Intel 7501CW with dual xeon and Tecram TX2000
АА> card, but Intel techsupport says that this hardware didn't tested with
АА> FreeBSD and we can use it at our own risk...

АА> Thank you.
АА> Alexander Alexandrov

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