I'm using FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE as a server which should provide connection to internet 
through dialing on demand (tun0).
The connection to internet works fine, but the problem I have is with disconnecting.
If one of the computers in LAN wants to send for ex. email, the server dials and 
establish connection. But then it keeps that connection even though the email was send 
long time a go.
According to the led's on modem I can see that sporadicaly there are still some datas 
send and received. But WHY?

Because of this sporadical datas being send and received the limit 60 seconds for 
disconecting the modem don't arrive even for 12 hours. And this 12 hours was started 
by sending one email.
I would like to know how can I check what is being send and from wich computer in my 
Any ideas how?


Igor Zbika
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