On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 09:04:56AM +0300, hugle wrote:

> SOmetimes I see such messages in dmesg.
> perl# dmesg
> uptime() went backwards (1574174.333073 -> 1573478.944788)
> what they mean? and what causes them to appear ?
> is it good or bad?? :)

I'd always presumed these messages occured on my machine because the
ntpd (network time protocol daemon) had adjusted the system clock.  I
can't actually tell you for sure since the messages aren't logged by
syslog here so there's no easy way of comparing the times to see if they
correspond to the ntpd adjustments.  

Check to see if you have ntpd running - if so that's probably the reason
for the messages.

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