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| Subject: Re: Home server upgrade 4.9 -> 5.2.1, drop in hard disk
| ornetworkperformance?
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| Subject: Home server upgrade 4.9 -> 5.2.1, drop in hard disk or
| networkperformance?
| | Hello everyone!
| |
| | I just upgraded my home server frmo 4.9-R-p3 to 5.2.1-R after
| having a
| few
| | problems with modems and random hard lockups(?).
| |
| | Well, first off the upgrade didn't solve this and I can still
| reliably
| make
| | the box freeze with a new modem I bought which I hoped would cure
| the
| | problem... when infact it's 10x worse with that modem :o) Has
| anyone got
| | any ideas as to what could be causing this? The network card for
| the
| | internal side is an fxp card and the network card the modem is
| attached
| to
| | is an older 10megabit vx card (3com Etherlink III).
| |
| | I can't really think of any other information to provide right now
| but I
| | really would be grateful for some prompting of more info and a bit
| of
| help!
| | My last few emails to questions about the hard lock ups didn't get
| any
| | replies if I remember rightly :o)
| |
| | Aside from that, I just copied a 400 meg file over samba and it
| really
| did
| | seem incredibly slow compared to when it was running 4.9. It took
| agessssss
| | to untar the backup 1.5gig file too! Is there anything I am
| supposed to
| | tweak here?
| | I am thinking about just reinstalling 4.9 again but I would like
| to avoid
| | that if I can, as it would be alot of time wasted :o) I don't have
| any
| | numbers for this unfortuantly either, it just feels and seems a
| hell of
| | alot slower! For instance, when I was copying this file and tried
| to ssh
| in
| | from my windows machine it just sat there for ages doing
| (apparently)
| | nothing!
| |
| | Thanks!
| |
| Well I was just using bmon from ports to monitor the speed and
| copying a
| file to the box over samba is dramatically slower than copying from
| it:
| Copying a 1.5gig backup tar from the freebsd machine to my box is
| around
| 6-7 meg a second
| Copying a 600 odd meg file to the freebsd machine from my box is
| around
| only 1-2 meg a second!
| I do seem to remember having this kind of problem ages ago when I
| used
| Linux. Before installing 5.2.1 I did enable plug and play in BIOS
| (it hung
| with that turned on using 4.9, not with 5.2.1 though) so I will try
| disabling that either later or tomorrow morning to see if that fixes
| my
| issue! Could it be that which is causing it?
| Other than that I don't think I have had any major issues with the
| install
| yet :o) Well... except for it didn't solve my hard lockup problem
| like I
| hoped it would have. Seems like it isn't a hard disk performance
| drop
| though :o)

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Subject: RE: Home server upgrade 4.9 -> 5.2.1, drop in hard disk

| Release 5.x uses an new file system which many people have reported
| noticeable performance problems and hard disk sector lock outs. Keep
| in mind that all the 5.x version are full of new experimental code.
| If performance and reliability is requirement you need on your
| servers then only use the stable versions of FreeBSD. 4.9 is the
| current production stable version, 4.10 beta is available now and in
| 2 weeks 4.10 is scheduled to be released becoming the official
| current production stable version.

Yeah I realise that. I just find it a bit strange that it pulls off the
machine normal speeds but sending something over to it is really slow. I
don't remember it being so slow on 4.9! And the untar was slow from one
drive to the other... on seperate channels too (and that was before I
turned off write caching :o)

I am now playing about trying to figure out why the box keeps locking up on
me with my new modem :o( I compiled a kernel with invarients and witness
and stuff in but... it just locks up totally! I would appreciate it if
anyone could help me out or suggest anything at all!

At the moment I am thinking perhaps the card is just bad or something. An
old PCI 3COM Etherlink III 590 or something along those lines. I am about
to try it on my other 5.x box with just one intel card to see if it'll lock
that up too. Expect more moaning from me :o)

Thanks for your reply!!

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