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Danny wrote:
On Fri, 23 Apr 2004 11:51:28 -0400, Bill Moran wrote

Danny wrote:


So I have installed Postfix from the ports, read the pkg-message, read


changing the MTA in the handbook, and did a bit of searching.

So after the switch, I obviously get:

Apr 23 03:01:00 mx1 postfix/sendmail[2175]: fatal: unsupported: -bh
Apr 23 03:01:01 mx1 postfix/sendmail[2176]: fatal: unsupported: -bH

Because I did not:

"Also, you will want to disable some Sendmail-specific daily maintenance
routines in your /etc/periodic.conf file:


However, I do not have a periodic.conf. How is the periodic running

without a

config file?

Could someone please show me there periodic.conf file and why they chose


options they did, or maybe baseline.

/etc/defaults/periodic.conf has all the default values for periodic.

Defaults as a reference, or the defaults that are currently enforced even without /etc/periodic.conf?


The default values _could_ be hardcoded into the periodic program but
there are good reasons not to do this.  The most notable is that it's
much easier for the average sysadmin to look in /etc/defaults/* to see
what default values are than to look through program code.

The reason you don't want to edit /etc/defaults/periodic.conf is that
upgrading FreeBSD will upgrade /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, but won't
change /etc/periodic.conf.  That way, if new config options are added
or the default values are changed, you get the updates without messing
up the settings that each admin changed.

You should _NOT_ endit /etc/defaults/periodic.conf ... the point is that /etc/periodic.conf overrides those defaults.

So, in theory, IF (which I won't, don't worry) I did edit the /etc/defaults/periodic.conf, and disabled the postfix & sendmail specified settings, those changes would be enforced even without a /etc/periodic.conf?

Yes, that would happen.

Then, when you upgrade to 4.10, you'll lose your changes.

If you create /etc/periodic.conf and put your override values in there,
upgrading won't reset your config, but it will add new values as needed
and change any defaults to match new changes in 4.10.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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