I'm looking at picking up the following:

Intel Technology Server
Chassis Intel SC1300 1U Rack
MainBoard: Intel SE7501WV2SCSI
Ram memory: 4 x 1 GB
Processor: 2  x  Xeon 3.06 Ghz
Discos Duros: 3x Seagate ST336607KLC
Intel: SRCZR
CD-ROM: 52x
Floppy: 3.5"
Monitor, Mouse & Keyboard: Not Included

Now, I've been hearing alot of how AMD tends to perform better, but I have
zero experience with AMD ... I'm curious as to what those with experience
with AMD would be considered:

        1. equivalent in power to the Xeon 3.06Ghz
        2. a rackmount/motherboard they would recommend for a server

Thanks ...
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