Ed Budd wrote:
Hi, all:

Hoping for a "reality check" from anyone on the list with experience
in doing tape backups with cyrus-imap:

I've got FBSD 5.2.1REL acting as a mail server running cyrus-imap and
wondering what the best (read: safest) method of backing up user
mailboxes to tape might be. Can I just dump/restore everything
under /var/imap or is there more to it than this, considering the
mailboxes are stored in cyrus db format? Does this matter when it comes
time to restore?

Well, doing on-the-fly backups is always risky, though unfortunately hard to avoid at 24x7 operations. However, Cyrus IMAP stores the email messages in separate files. So all that can become inconsistent are the data structures in the DB files used for management and performance purposes.

Now, Cyrus IMAP comes with repair tools for these DB files which can restore missing/inconsistent data from the actual message files. So backup/restore induced inconsistencies are normally no problem.

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