Ralph M. Los wrote:

        I'm thinking of converting the last of my servers (Win2k) to
FreeBSD.  This last box has the following things, and I want to make
sure I can get the equivalent in FreeBSD.  Could someone give me
suggestions on the stuff I can't find info on?

This is a long list, so you've a good bit of work to do. Generally, it can all be done. I must say I've not much experience with some of the below, though.

1. Backup (PowerChute-like app, from Belkin?) --> don't know of any
alternative in FreeBSD

There are a couple. nut, upsmon, and upsd are all under /usr/ports/sysutils. I set nut up a while back, but my UPS battery died before I got it working (here at home) and I've not yet replaced it. (After a recent round with fsck, I've found I need to make that a higher priority...)

2. Exchange 2000 --> Qmail + SquirrelMail + clamAV + SpamAssassin ??
(How hard is this to setup?)

Can't say. Sendmail dual + SpamAssassin/clamAV/amavis here.

3. Split-DNS server (internal and external) --> Is there a how-to on
BIND for this?

Probably. Google is your friend, of course; also, there is a list of additional references in the handbook, 19.10.10 (which, as you have noticed, tells a lot about running BIND but not necessarily[?] about split DNS...

4. PDC --> Assuming SAMBA can do this? White-Paper, or how-to?

Yup. Check www.samba.org for docs...

5. Backup Server (BackupExec v9.1) --> Arkeia backup solution?
(Freeware?) or comp??

There's a bit of talk about "bacula" --- I'm looking into it soon.

THANKS everyone, 3 down, one to go!


Good luck!

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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