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Subject: Connecting to a headless system

I have installed FreeBSD 5.2.1 using the headless install method. My
problem is this. I can't get the login prompt when connecting using cu
-l /dev/cuaa0, after the install /reboot. I did setup ssh, but I can't
connect using ssh and root. I did not setup another account, so I have
to get in and install an account. I did get single user up, but I have
limited commands and it won't allow me to adduser.??  When I boot up
under default, it just holds at the date and time. Please help? Or any
ideas of what I should be doing differently.



You need to mount all the correct file systems before you can add users
to the system.  By default, only the root / partition is mounted, and
that is read-only.  Once you mount the other filesystems, you should
have no problems.  Also, I usually have -Dh in my /boot.config file, and
enable cuaa0 as a secure terminal (disabled by default).  You can change
this in /etc/ttys.


Eric F Crist

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