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Eric Crist writes:

>  You can send a program into the background by trailing the command
> with  &&.  So, if you want to run amp (an mp3 player), you could
> simply type:
>  # amp song.mp3 &&

        I thought '&' was background and "&&" meant "execute the
foillowing command only if the previous command completed without

You're correct here.... My bad.

>  An easier solution is to login to a second virtual terminal by
> hitting Alt-F2 (all the way up to F7).  Then just switch back by
> pressing Alt-F1, or whichever terminal you were on before.

        And its Ctl-Alt-Fn, not Alt-Fn on my -Current system

On my system, unless you're in X, it's Alt-Fn (you have to do Ctl-Alt-Fn
from an X session).

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