Andy Holyer wrote:

I've looked in the docs, and used google, and I need a quick steer as to the best way to proceed.

Our company is running two servers: one is a public web/mail/dns server sitting in a rack at Telecity, the other one is sitting here right next to me, and should never be seen outside of the office. Both are running FreeBSD-CURRENT. Both carry MySQL databases: the public one will carry cyrus mail, and authentication data for a radius server, the private one will carry our customer account data.

What I'd like to do, following my principle that buildings tend to burn down one at a time, is to set the two databases to mirror each other, so that we would be able to reconstitute either database if the need were to arise. I'd like this to be as easy and automatic as possible. Is there a standard vanilla way of doing this, or do I have to get inventive?

Database replication is a standard feature of mysql. Look in the mysql docs for the word replication.

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