Hi there: my name is Thomas and I'm a complete FreeBSD newbie, a nightmare for you, I 
guess... I'm trying to install your last version of FBSD but I keep on encountering a 
problem which 15 years spent with DOS and Windows don't help me to solve: at a point 
during installation I'm told roughly what follows

warning: a geometry of 77578/16/63 for ad0 is incorrect......... use the (G)eometry 

you need to enter whatever your Bios thinks the geometry is! For IDE it's what you 
were told in the Bios setup.............

well, the Bios tells me my disk is cyl 19166 h 16 sect 255, so I tried to enter these 
values using the G command, but it didn't work, the message above appeared again (with 
the new values). My disk is a simple 40Gb Maxtor and the Bios appears to read it 

Could you please give me a hand? No hurry at all, of course, I'm just learning...

If you need more precise information about processor, RAM and so on, just let me know.

Thanks a lot

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