> I just got a Brother printer with a built in print server.
> Im trying to set it up to work in my DHCP updating DNS scheme.
> Using the printer's default name, Im always getting this DNS error ->
> May 12 15:42:07 hivemind named[84]: owner name "BRN_448719.trini0.org" IN 
> (primary) is invalid - rejecting
> May 12 15:42:07 hivemind named[84]: error processing update packet (REFUSED) 
> id 46124 from [].1265
> If I were to change the printer's name to "printer", everything works fine.
> Does anyone have any ideas why DNS doesn't like the hostname?
> Im trying to setup the printer in its default state before I start modifying 
> its configuration, so any help would be appreciated..

Blame Brother.  "_" is an invalid character in DNS.  
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