On Thu, 13 May 2004, Pavel Duda wrote:

> Radu MOLNAR wrote:
> > This is odd as from what i heard freebsd's power is in it's speed,
> > something that i noticed for my self by using it for desktop
> > aplications.
> >
> There is almost no performance gap between games that you run under
> linux, bsd or windows (especially for FPS games like CS). I really like
> fbsd, but when it comes to games, I'd rather use my windoz machine.

I believe that this is where the opensource comunity in general looses to
windows. I dont know about you guys but computer games is how i got in
touch with IT and i see that is still hapening with kids nowadays.
The only reason i still install windows on my desktop is to
play games. I would gladly give up the microsoft products and most of my
friends would do so too if it wasn't for the reason mentioned above.

You may say that games are not important but i must disagree. How can one
claim to make an OS for workstations if you can not play games in that OS.
Games are the peak of multimedia aplications. Just take a look at the
slashdot.org site and you will see that every day the GAMES section has
the most new news.

If we want an alternative to windows (we wants it) than maybe we should
concentrate our energies on making a desktop. But these are just the
rambling words of a guy that is frustrated of having to use microsoft
operating systems, having to pay a lot of money for them and then getting
the quality that we all know.
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