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matt virus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I found (1) post in the mailing lists where someone asked about fbsd
> on xbox and it was seemingly laughed off.
> I'm a huge FBSD fan, and i think the xbox would be an awesome server.
> It's small, it's got solid hardware, it's really easy to mod and
> install linux on --- so why not FBSD?

The main reason for not having a FreeBSD distro for X-box is that the hardware by 
design is 0wn3d. Owned by Microsoft that is. While I appreciate every xbox that is 
sold Microsoft makes a loss on, I still couldn't be bothered.

Microsoft (or whoever is doing to work) occasionally revises the firmware to stop non 
authorised mods from working. When this happens the boot loader has to be re-worked to 
suit the revision of the firmware. 
In short: Too hard for very little return. Think DCMA as you would circumventing the 
"anti-piracy" software/hardware. 

Personally I believe if you have bought the hardware, you should have all rights to 
that hardware except reproducing the hardware, but I am not about to get the soapbox 

> Anybody out there worked on this?  have a beta or alpha anything?  I'd
> love to have the power of /usr/ports without the baggage of gentoo.

I doubt anyone on this mailing list would want to touch it with a patent pending barge 

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