I have recently setup IPFW on my FreeBSD 5.2 Release
server. I am running natd to provide inet to 5 LAN users.
It also runs mail, apache web server amongst others. 

All seems to be working fine, except for FTP.

The first two lines of my firewall file are:

add 1000 allow tcp from any to any via ed0 out keep-state
add 1100 allow udp from any to any via ed0 out keep-state

... then later in the file:

add 3600 allow tcp from any to me dst-port 21 in via ed0
setup keep-state 

I thought this would be sufficient to establish and
maintain FTP connections. I read through the mailing lists
and it seems that FTP is tricky with IPFW and natd.

Is there a simple solution to this problem? Can i just add
some other rule to my firewall? I read something about natd
punching through IPFW, is this the answer?

Any information will be mouch appreciated.

Gareth (IPFW newbie)
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