Bad file descriptor occurs while Im trying to rsync from smbfs

the files are mounted as the following
//[EMAIL PROTECTED]/HDD$ on /mnt/smbfs (smbfs, read-only)

kern.maxfiles is set to 32768
kern.maxfilesperproc is set to 16384
smb.conf, although it might not makes a difference as a client set to

uname -a
FreeBSD localhost 4.10-RC FreeBSD 4.10-RC #1: Wed Apr 28 20:00:41 CEST 2004     [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]:/mnt/data/obj/mnt/data/cvs/src/sys/MYKERNEL i386

## Issuing the following:
# rsync -HLlruv --delete /mnt/smbfs/data/UJKIEG2/ /home/feczo/test

building file list ... readdir(00101/TOBBEF2.DBF): (9) Bad file descriptor
readdir(11102/tobbef2.dbf): (9) Bad file descriptor
readdir(44401/tobbef2.dbf): (9) Bad file descriptor
readdir(44402/tobbef2.dbf): (9) Bad file descriptor
readdir(66601/TOBBEF2.DBF): (9) Bad file descriptor
readdir(88802/TOBBEF2.DBF): (9) Bad file descriptor
IO error encountered - skipping file deletion

wrote 30912 bytes  read 20 bytes  61864.00 bytes/sec
total size is 9405275  speedup is 304.06
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(632)

## generates an error

## reading and copy the file is okay though

# cp /mnt/smbfs/data/UJKIEG2/11102/tobbef2.dbf /home/feczo/test2/1 
# cp /mnt/smbfs/data/UJKIEG2/44401/tobbef2.dbf /home/feczo/test2/2
# cp /mnt/smbfs/data/UJKIEG2/44402/tobbef2.dbf /home/feczo/test2/3
# cp /mnt/smbfs/data/UJKIEG2/66601/TOBBEF2.DBF /home/feczo/test2/4
# cp /mnt/smbfs/data/UJKIEG2/88802/TOBBEF2.DBF /home/feczo/test2/5 

# find /home/feczo/test2                                                           ~

## after copy the files are there ...


Any ideas why ? 

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