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Subject: Re: OpenBSD/ (maybe FreeBSD) Firewall/Router/DNS

> Sounds good to me but I'm still confused about how I need to set this up
hardware wise. The link at freebsddiary sounds good to start >with I guess.
I don't know if I need any extra hardware either. I have at the moment 2
NICs and 2 crossover cables. Do I need more? Do I >keep the NIC in this
machine or do I move it to the machine that will be acting as a
firewall/router/gateway? How do I set this up? Still >confused on this part.

You'll need a total of 3 nics to hook up a firewall and one PC behind it and
2 crossover cables.

2 nics in the firewall system and 1 nic in the PC.

dsl-modem <----> firewall <----> PC

If you plan on running more than one computer behind the firewall, you'll be
better off getting a hub or a low end 10/100 switch.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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