On 11/05/04 11:52 -0400, wendy wrote:
> Easy to install
> FreeBSD can be installed from a variety of media including CD-ROM, DVD-ROM,
> floppy disk, magnetic tape, an MS-DOS? partition, or if you have a network
> connection, you can install it directly over anonymous FTP or NFS. All you
> need is a couple of formatted 1.44MB floppies and these directions.

Not true for you, possibly because you do not have any experience
installing unix. For those who have installed other unixy things,
FreeBSD is very simple to install.

> the installation actually is very difficult and so this
> "Superior" OS is not for 99.9% computer users 

The installation is difficult compared to what? A desktop OS? FreeBSD
shines as a server OS, and while it does a fine job on the desktop,
try installing and administrating other server OSes, and you'll see
just how easy FreeBSD is. You'll definitely worry much less about the
latest worm taking out your servers.

Comparing this OS to the one that "99.9%" people use us an apples to
oranges comparison.

>- I'll probably kill my time
> only if I lost my job and stay home having nothing to do to configure how to
> install it.
That might be a good thing. You'll learn a thing or two and possibly
set yourself up for a job administrating *nix servers.

> Comparing to Windows, this BSD is very dumb- want to me to tell it
> everything. No wonder it's Free.

If windows is so much smarter than BSD, then why did windows use BSD
code in their TCP/IP programs? 

The installer wants you to tell it everything so it can create a
highly customized system to your needs. I'd be more worried if the
installer set everything to a bunch of silly defaults that I'd have to
change anyway.

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