Hello. I am currently running FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE p-7. I am pretty comfortable with 
FreeBSD for the most part and really enjoy using it on a day to day basis. This is my 
thoughts. I have an older NEC PC that I would like to put to some use. First off I 
don't know if I need any 'extra' hardware. I have now 1 DSL modem (dhcp - could get 
static, is it worth getting?), 3 NICs, and 2 cables to connect the ethernet cards. I 
have just been reading up on Firewalls on FreeBSD using ipfw. I would basically like 
to do the following. I want to install OpenBSD 3.5 or Possibly one of the FreeBSD 4.x, 
5.x, 4-stable, current or whatever. Which would you all recommend using in this 
situation? I want to continue to use my nice newer, much faster computer to do all 
configurations to the system, updates, installing software, running apache, 
configuring firewall, etc. etc. etc. via ssh (good choice?) to the other/older box. 
Would really appreciate some insight on this topic. Networking/Security is becoming 
very interesting to my. Thanks. Don't forget, do I need any 'extra' hardware?
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