On Thu, 13 May 2004 14:43:29 +0200
"Gareth Bailey" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> granted us these pearls of wisdom:

> I am now using free webmail to post to the list, since for
> some reason i cannot post to the list from my real email
> address (freebsd at ubersoft.co.za), i can only receive
> mail messages. mailq has this to say:
> {D3EBF4E        3377 Sun May  9 16:31:31
> (host mx1.freebsd.org[] said: 450 Client
> host rejected: cannot find your hostname, [xxx.x.xx.xx] (in
> reply to RCPT TO command))
>                                          [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> What should i do?
> Many thanks
> Gareth

fixing up your reverse dns will clear this up very quickly



Luke Kearney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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