Hi :)

I'm running FreeBSD-5.2.1-p5 and I'm having a problem with USB.
Basically, I have 2 USB ports on my box:
- on one there's a USB2 harddrive (running in USB1.1 compat mode; I did not
compile ehci into the kernel because I was having kernel panic on boot)
- on the other, there's an USB hub connected (with 3 devices connected to the

After some time (usually around 12 to 24h), the devices on the USB hub are not
accessible anymore and I have to unplugg then replugg the hub power switch
again for the devices to work.
This does _not_ happen when I unplugg the USB harddrive (I unplugged it for like
a week and had no problem).
Note that _all_ my devices have a power switch.

So my questions would be:
- do you know where this problem could come from ?
- do you have any idea how I could maybe send some data to the USB port to keep
it alive ?

Thanks in advance.

Antoine Jacoutot
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