On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 12:27, JJB wrote:
> I have perl script A. which runs 2 other perl scripts B. & C. When
> is run from command line B & C get run. When I put script A in
> /etc/corntab I can see that A does in deed get run, but scripts B
> C do not. I looked in /var/log/cron and /var/log/messages for
> messages but there are none. Here are the perl A script statements
> which launch B & C scripts
> system("/root/bin/A.pl"); and system("/root/bin/B.pl");  As an
> note perl scripts B & C create an sendmail Email if that matters.
> Running 4.9.
> Any body have any idea why this is happening?
Are the scripts marked as executable and does the 1st line reflect
location of Perl? If not I say that u need to add /usr/bin/perl
the path to the scripts.

system "/usr/bin/perl /root/bin/A.pl";
system "/usr/bin/perl /root/bin/B.pl";


Yes B & C scripts are marked as executable and the first line of the
script have the path to perl.
The /etc/corntab file has an path variable that points to /usr/bin
shouldn't that cover /usr/bin/perl?

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